THE STORY : Granolavic

My grandmother raised five young sailors in a tiny Balkan coastal town. First thing in the morning, she'd yell out from the kitchen,"nista ne moze biti losije sa granolom!" Roughly translated, "Nothing is any worse with granola!" Knowing her boys would spend the day battling relentless seas, she crafted a granola that would fill them up from morning to night. To this day, a grumpy Balkan sailor sits upon our family crest, munching his morning breakfast on the roughest of seas. Following my family’s tradition, I set out to make a granola of my own. A flurry of weights and measures later, the perfect recipe was born. This toasty, protein-rich granola is handmade with sweet and crunchy whole ingredients, all slow-roasted with extra virgin olive oil to fuel you for a long day at sea, office, school or otherwise.